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About Us

Cristais do Mar was born in Figueira da Foz (Portugal) in 2011 as a result of a passion for the sea and saliculture in a family environment.

In the beginning, we were simply producers of artisanal sea salt, seeking to value an ancient product produced with artisanal techniques.

Our team’s passion for salt, creativity and motivation led us to create our first foot scrub. This one was sold for the first time at a craft fair in our area in 2011.

The first packaging we used is very far from the graphic appearance of today’s. Ten years ago labels were born on our office printer “a whole picture”.

The truth is that the success of the product has exceeded all our expectations.

We pay homage to our grandmother (and great-grandmother) called “Helena” who transmitted the secret of the base of the recipe to us, in parallel with her love for medicinal plants and nature.

I was already an ecologist without knowing it!

Quem Somos
Quem Somos

Our passion, resilience and direct contact with our customers (suggestions, questions…) allowed and boosted our evolution in a natural way. We have been improving and expanding our range of products.

Currently, Cristais do Mar enjoys the preference and respect of both end customers and professionals in the sector (clinics, beauty centers, spas, etc.).

None of this would have been possible without the support of our customers.

As you will understand, the evolution of Cristais do Mar has not been a bed of roses. Like everything else in life, we enjoy our successes and learn from our failures, always faithful to our philosophy and our customers who, after all, are the only and exclusive ones responsible for our success! Gratitude.

Today, we offer you a new image with the same commitment: to sustainably manufacture products that are part of your daily life.

Our products continue to be made in a respectful way:

This new image does not mean a goal, but a new stage. We are committed to continuous improvement and the search for new proposals that make our products more sustainable. ​​

Our secret is based on effectiveness, simplicity and naturalness.

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