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Skin Care


When we say that we produce cosmetics, we don’t feel completely identified either, we see ourselves more as creators of natural beauty products.

We put all our love into our work, as do the families who collaborate with us: Dona Graça (from several generations of olive oil producers) who produces the best liquid gold that olive trees can give every year, or Dona Preciosa who takes care of our organic garden with all the wisdom accumulated over decades of work. Somehow this love is being transmitted to our products … you will feel it on your skin!

In the world of cosmetics, products with the most complicated and exotic names of components proliferate, intending to make you believe that they are the most effective. We chose another path that is based on three pillars:

  • Natural
  • Simple
  • Effective

We hope that our customers are also our fans.


Sea crystals
Naturally simple