Flor de Sal Black 140g (Glass) – Fish

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“Recommended for fish and rice.

Ingredients: Natural Salt Flower and Cuttlefish Ink. “

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"Cuttlefish ink gives our Flor de Sal a strong taste of the sea and an elegant and intense black color, being an asset in the finishing of your dishes (plating). Recommended for fish and rice.
Rich in natural elements such as natural iodine, magnesium, iron, fluorine, zinc, calcium and potassium.

Flor de Sal is considered as the healthiest salt for having a lower sodium chloride content and for its greater mineralization, enhancing the flavors of cooking.

The Fleur de Sel could be used after cooking or before serving according to the taste of each one. Regular use will reduce your sodium chloride intake by up to 40%.

Due to the particular characteristics of the cold and pure waters of our salt flats (Figueira da Foz- Centro Litoral, Portuguese coast), the production techniques used and the care and love with which it is treated, our Flor de Sal is probably the best Flower of salt in the world.

To crystallize 1 kg of Integral / Natural Salt Flower we need to evaporate 36 liters of sea water. Our Flor de Sal is flaky, of white crystal and well defined.