Passion Fruit Facial Kit

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Ideal for Acne Pelts
Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D “
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"The Passion Fruit Face Kit consists of: 1x Passion Fruit Facial Scrub - 80g , 1x Passion Fruit Facial/Regenerator - 50ml.

The Passion Fruit Facial Scrub - 80g in addition to cleaning, nourishing and moisturizing your face is effective in fighting acne.
Ideal for young skin.
How to use: Mix the product once a week, remove a small amount and, with dry skin, apply it with a gentle circular massage. Rinse with water and dry.

The Passion Fruit Facial Moisturizer / Regenerator - 50ml is your ally in the daily care of the face, guaranteeing a healthy complexion, since the passion fruit helps to lower the inflammation of the epidermis.
Ideal for young and / or acne-prone skin.
Directions for use: Daily with a clean face, apply a small amount evenly - Use also in the dark circles and neck area.